About us

Hi, I’m Sarah Moseley– Welcome to my Website!


Well, where do we begin? It all started as a hobby making scented candles for myself, and as gifts and presents at Christmas. I had just fallen out of love with high street candles as most didn’t really smell of anything and if they were good ones they cost the earth!

As I love crafts of any kind and will have a go at anything – that is were it began. A trusted best friend told me they were the best I had ever made, and told me I was being selfish by not sharing the candles and melts I had made! So, armed with a couple of fragrances and another friend starting my Facebook page – away I went!

What started in my kitchen soon moved into two more rooms of my home, and I had taken over as I moved on and started to branch out and host candle parties. I realised this was not a hobby anymore, so had myself a workshop built and this is where the magic happens these days.

I have a shop based in Garstang, why not pop in and find out more?