Bespoke Services

…Hi Im Sarah Moseley

I’d just like to say welcome

and thank you for reading a little bit about me

and why i formed my own brand of fragranced good’s.

Back In 2010 I got to the end of buying branded melts and candles

that just didn’t do it for me anymore,

The Fragrances were just not exciting me or filling my home with amazing fragrances,

So Thats where it all began, in my kitchen making for myself

perfecting my craft and teaching myself to start a new hobby,

after many years i started to give them to friends and family as little gifts.

and that’s when one of my friends said it was the best i had given her,

and why didn’t i think of getting out there and start doing parts and fairs ,

and this once hobby took off into something much bigger,

after being very poorly i could no longer continue with my full time job,

so took redundancy and continued to work from home

in my now two very large workshops,

i was now able to keep up with trends and i was expanding

my ranges and now making much more than just candles and melts,

I could now offer Bespoke Gifts with personal labels as i make all my own and had gathered quite a lot of different equipment to offer extra special labels

so if its your wedding

or a corporate event your organising

or even just a personal gift with a personal message picture etc etc

then i can do it

so please take a look at a couple of pics to give you inspiration

thanks again for taking the time to read

how it all began