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can Be Attatched by clip to vent or hung

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Augeo Reed Diffuser Base

Augeo reed diffuser base is a state of the art diffuser base pioneered using innovative technology from Soya Based renewable resources. For use in reed diffusers and car perfume bottles.

The base enable its application as a carrier and / or diluent for fragrances, reinforcing the odour, making it a superior performance base in enhancing fragrances in a wide array of home fragrance products.
It is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint and low in odour, giving it a superior performance.

Use with our essential oils for a truly natural reed diffuser.

Please note, we are unable to ship this product over seas in quantities larger than 1 litre.

Augeo features:

Enhances Fragrance
Optimal Evaporation
Highly Soluble
Low Odour
Low Carbon Footprint
Non Toxic
HSE Profile Improvement
Compliant with VOC legislation