Luxury Fragranced Plugins



Fragrances * 

Choose from our extensive range of fragrances. We offer male, female, fruity, fresh, floral and winter fragrances.


With A beautiful hand blended plug in air freshener

Refill in a range of luxury fragrances.

Using only the highest quality ingedients and fragrance fused with  essential oils.

plug them in and always have a back ground  fragrance in any room.


Our Plugin Air Freshener provides A Consistent,
Long lasting fragrance to Fill Your home.
The user can control fragrance levels to vary intensity,
With one air freshener plug in can lasts up to 80 days on a low setting.
Making This A Valuev For Money Item
And An Alternative To Naked Flames When Not At Home

Refills can easily be swapped and replaced for new scents to define your home’s personality.

Our plugins are manufactured to the highest quality and vigorously tested. They are CE Ceritified, CTS Ceritfied and RoHS certified.

This is for An  Enitial Purchase Of A Full Unit Including One Full Fragrance Unit  which should only be used with our plug in unit.  We also sell New Bottle Fragrances so you can Change Your Fragrance And Have A Change From Time TO Time
Our plugin diffuser base is used to solubilise fragrance oil to give a consistent, long-lasting scent throw in plug in diffusers.